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October 4, 2011



Last night Britney Spears proved that she was back starting her show with the words: “It’s Britney, bitch!”

Swiss fans had to wait 7 years to get to see Britney again live on stage. The show was a musical journey through Britney’s song catalogue beautifully illustrated with soda pop colors, egyptian-oriental themes, asian themes and of course modern day techno-effects. Mastermind choreographer Jamie King definitely pulled all strings to create a show worthy of the queen of pop.

After a suspenseful mini-movie of her being chased by cops she opened the show with the song “Hold it against me” from her new album. She wore a sexy leotard with Swarovski crystals and matching dance boots. Throughout the show she portrait different roles such as the sexy assassin, Cleopatra and femme fatale of course.

Most importantly Britney seemed happy while performing and shared her joy of being back on stage with the audience.


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