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March 24, 2010



Last night the US band 30 Seconds to Mars played their last concert of their European tour in Zurich’s Volkshaus & bedazzled Switzerland. The actor turned singer Jared Leto turned the rather stiff Swiss people into the hottest rock fans ever. With his heavenly charisma, he managed to get everyone screaming and jumping up and down as if they were all back in high school.

He not only is an amazing singer, but also a top-notch physical and theatrical performer. He bridges the gap between Hollywood and Rock, a gap only very few hearth-throb actors have achieved to fill in the past. Maybe one could compare him to a modern-day Elvis.

The concert started at 6.45pm with the only disturbing element of the perfect evening of entertainment: The pre-act band SDC (“Street Drumm Corps”). They appeared drumming on buckets, wearing a gas mask and other facial coverage, sending out a rather scary & unnecessarily aggressive message to the mainly young crowd of fans. Their “Blue Man group”-esque drumming performance was impressive and captivating. It would have been even more effective without the immature costumes and random stage prancing and head bopping of the lead singer.

During the last song of the second, melodic pre-act band, Danish “Carpark North”, the by now impatient fans got an exquisite foretaste of the star of the night: Jared magically appeared on stage suprising his fans to then disappear again in a Hollywood manner, creating a scene out of a movie like “The Prestige”. He was wearing a hat which covered his hairography. It ended up being unveiled later on in the show.

Then at 9.30pm, alas, the big relief: Jared, his brother Shannon and their band mates appeared. Red-framed sunglasses complemented the singer’s mohawkish hairdo and clownesque rock-skirt outfit. After posing in stillness for two unbearable moments he started turning on the crowd by roaring into the microphone like a tiger. Then the skirt came off to unveil black rock star pants & a superhero body. The shades disappeared to reveal the cinematic features of a Hollywood star turned tiger with oceanic-blue eyes. His gorgeous eyes enticed the audience and led female fans to collapse and crowd surf. Then he charmed his wishful fans with an endearing smile and the crowd went wild for the rest of the night. Shortly after one fan scream: “Jared, I want your baby !”.

The highlight of the show was a very private moment the star created talking to his fans. He pointed at a kissing couple and said: “Look at these two lovebirds. Aren’t they just wonderful ? There’s a 30 Seconds to Mars-baby in the making right there, in fact there’s probably a baby in there already, maybe it will come out with a triangle tattoo and a mohawk ?!” He went on to chat with the audience throughout the concert asking them for song requests, encouraging them to let loose and come downstairs to join the “wild and crazy people in the front”. At the end he said: “I don’t care now, I will wait until all of you come downstairs to join us.” Then he got up and started moving towards the crowd to touch the hands of his happy fans. And since it was the last show of their European tour he then went on to encourage people to crowd surf onto the stage to rock with him. Reiterating the importance of living in the moment he said: “We shall all remember this very moment right now forever.”

The intense live show was the perfect match to the alternative rock music of the band. A red and white light design with occasionally added strobe effects and light beams pointed towards the audience by the singer underlined the unique style of the show. Video projections of the band’s cinematic, Asian-themed music videos (directed by the singer himself under pseudonyms) let the crowd go insane. It was live performance art at its very best.

Undoubtedly, Jared Leto will soon be recognized as the successor of Mick Jagger & Jon Bon Jovi. Something music industry professionals have been anticipating for a while. A phenomenal and refreshing boost rock heaven patiently awaited and now deserves. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame may now open its doors to greet its newest and hottest addition. 30 Seconds to Mars is cult and will become legendary. Unlike any other contemporary band it captures the zeitgeist of the new century in a mildly wild, poetic and peaceful way. Last night 30 Seconds to Mars secured their landing in Europe by vowing an exponentially growing fan base with a superb, highly professional, vibrant and tremendously powerful show. Keep up the good work guys ! ©


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