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October 18, 2011

JOSHUA RADIN enchants autumnal Zurich

Last night Joshua Radin played a cathartic and heart-warming concert in autumnal Zurich. He truly is a one of a kind performer with a truly personal way of expressing himself through his own music and lyrics.

His concert was an amazing journey through his emotional adventures that he made along the way of experiencing the building blocks of his life step by step on his progressional path of life. Fittingly he wore a symbolic traveler’s hat for the first few songs.
At the beginning of the show he made it very clear that in order to fully understand and absorb his music one needs to first find out who he is.

Joshua himself began his own voyage in Ohio. From the Midwest he decided to venture out to Northwestern University in Chicago to study drawing and painting. Thereafter he moved to New York City to pick up a guitar and become a singer-songwriter. Many of us probably are unknowingly familiar with his soul-caressing songs from movies and TV series such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Brothers and Sisters” and “Scrubs”.

He serenaded each single concertgoer with his whisper rock. In between song breaks he talked to the audience as if he was talking to a dear friend. That way he created a very intimate and sincere atmosphere filled with fall warmth.

Some of the tender song highlights were “Winter”, “Today” & “Brand New Day”. What was so fascintating about his interpretation of his songs was that he shared the secret stories behind the songs with the audience as if he was telling a secret. Once he sang a song it felt as if one was there with him in that private moment when he was writing the song in e.g. his tiny New York City studio apartment shared with an ex-girlfriend of 6 years that had just left him or one was walking along 3rd street with him when he was contemplating life’s true meanings and what he truly wanted to contribute to the world during his lifetime.

One of his touching confessions was that he sends loved ones self-recorded songs by email to express his feelings rather than expressing himself in a face-to-face conversation with them.

The good news was that he was almost done writing new songs for his next acoustic studio album which he will start recording in January of next year. He workshopped a few new songs on stage such as a deeply personal song called “Underwater”. Unfortunately, he did not play the fun song “Vegetable Car”. ©


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